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Arab Youth Venture Foundation Innovative Partnership Program

USRA, working with the Ames Office of Education and Public Outreach, recently welcomed three enthusiastic EAP associates, nationals from UAE, participating in a global partnership-building endeavor through the Arab Youth Venture Foundation (AYVF). This high-profile program has received praise from Secretary Clinton, earning mention in multiple recent international speeches. The program is currently seeking projects in support of the Space Act Agreement between NASA and AYVF with the objective of forming a strategic alliance to foster education and outreach opportunities in the Middle East.

NASA Ames Welcomes Summer Interns from United Arab Emirates

In the fall of 2010, Ames will continue the experiential learning program (10-week and 15-week spring programs will also be implemented during 2011) for United Arab Emirates (UAE) university engineering students, and will target participation in a project related to one or more of NASA’s missions: Space Shuttle and International Space Station; Looking at Earth; Exploring Our Solar System; Space & Technology; Deep Space Missions; and Research Aircraft. The AYVF is administered by the Education Associates Program and is managed by the Ames Office of Education and Public Outreach. The AYVF provides funding for the Fellow’s stipends, lodging and travel costs.

For more information on the Arab Youth Venture Foundation, please visit their website.