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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to live near a NASA Center to participate in EAP?
A: No. EAP participants are from areas that are not near a NASA Center.

Q: If I do not live near a NASA Center, will my cost of getting to the Center be covered?
A: If a sponsor selects you to participate in EAP, they have the option to offer travel monies. It is not a requirement of the program for them to do so.

Q: Will working in a program like EAP help me get a job within NASA?
A: Working as an EAP participant will not guarantee you a job with NASA. However, the time you spend in a NASA immersive internship like EAP will help you to meet the scientists, engineers, and administrators who work at NASA. You will be able to network with professionals who are currently working in the field you are working towards and perhaps lead to job opportunities. EAP participants have been hired on for jobs within NASA.

Q: What type of jobs does NASA have for applicants to the Education Associates Program?
A: EAP has positions for a variety of opportunities at NASA.  Traditionally, NASA seeks Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) majors.  EAP does have openings for a variety of other disciplines as well (business, graphic arts, library science, etc.).  You can check out the available positions on the EAP website.

Q: Why should I be interested in an internship with NASA?
A: Immersive internships, especially in technical fields (science and engineering) provide hands-on experience while you are in the midst of your coursework.  Many employers look for students who have real-world experience — not just a straight academic track.  A NASA Internship (EAP, USRP, GSRP and others) will provide you with an insider’s look into how NASA work is accomplished, how NASA teams operate and cooperate, what it takes to get projects created and delivered. Once you return to your coursework, you will have a better-focused realization of as to the meaning of your coursework and how it applies in the practical sense of real jobs.  A NASA internship also afford the participant the opportunity to experience a NASA center, network with other NASA employees, meet other interns who will likely be colleagues in upcoming years.

Q: How do I apply for the Education Associates Program?
A: To apply for the Education Associates Program click Apply Now and select create a new application.

Q: Do I have to apply for each session of EAP that I want to be considered a candidate?
A: Yes. The EAP applicant pool is separated into sessions – Spring, Summer, Fall and Annual (for a year-long internship). Even though you have registered in one session, it does not automatically roll over into the next.  You must reapply for each session you are interested in.

Q: If I am interested in applying for more than one session, can do I have to fill out the EAP application all over again?
A: No. You can use your EAP application and simply update the information to make sure it represents all the current information (e.g., credit hours, class standing, resume, etc.).  After you update your information, you will re-certify the application as correct and re-submit the application on-line.

Q: How can I fill out my application in a way that will be noticed by NASA?
A: NASA Sponsors are looking for EAP candidates that have good skills that will enhance their projects.  Since most applications are searched using keywords, you will want to make sure your best attributes (career interests, major in school, etc) and skills (computer skills, lab skills, etc.) are called out.  List any previous experience you may have had that will be considered an asset to a NASA team (even if it is not in the related field).  Don’t think you are not competitive if you have not worked for NASA before. Think of this application in the same way you would as if you were applying for a job.  Explain why NASA will want you on their team.

Q: When will I be notified if I am chosen to participate in EAP? Is there a deadline?
A: NASA EAP is different from other NASA programs in that this program provides student opportunities on a supply and demand basis. There are no official deadlines in EAP – either for getting your application into NASA or for selections to be made.  EAP is ongoing, year-round and new positions/opportunities are being constantly posted. By having your application in the EAP database, the NASA sponsors looking for someone with the skills/knowledge they need can search the EAP database and review the applicants within the database.

Q: What positions are available?
A: The NASA Education Associates Program (EAP) has positions available in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. EAP also has requests for students in other disciplines (graphics, history, accounting, etc). Go to the EAP open positions page to view the current project list.

Q: Can I use the EAP website to apply for specific positions within NASA?
A: Yes. The EAP website lists current openings as they become available and you can express your interest for specific positions when you are filling out your on-line application on the EAP Connect System. The position will disappear from the Open Positions list on the EAP public website when it is filled.  Your application will remain active and can be reviewed by other NASA Sponsors looking for candidates for their positions.

Q: When is the EAP application deadline?
A: The Education Associates Program is an ongoing internship program. The application does not have a deadline for submission. Please indicate your dates of availability on your EAP application. 

Q: What happens if I forgot my password or my username?
A: If you do not remember your password you can select the forgot your password link which will automatically send you an email with your EAP password. Your EAP username is your primary email address that you used to create your account. If you are not sure which email address you entered when you originally created your account you may e-mail to receive your EAP account information.

Q: When will I receive notification of selection for EAP positions?
A: NASA EAP sponsors are continually searching for qualified applicants and filling open positions. EAP mentors and sponsors will most likely not send a notification to students that are not selected. When a project has been filled the title of that project will no longer appear on the open positions list.

Q: How long is the internship?
A: The internship can last a minimum of 2 months and continue as long as 12 months. Participants can work either part time or full time.

Q: When does the internship start and end?
A: The internship start and end dates are determined by the NASA Sponsor.

Q: What are your requirements for transcripts?
A: A transcript is a copy of a student’s permanent academic record. Students should obtain a transcript from their university registrar’s office. Transcripts need to be uploaded as a PDF in the EAP electronic application process.

Q: Can I upload an unofficial transcript?
A: Yes, we accept unofficial transcripts. The transcript you upload must contain your name and dates.

Q: What are your requirements for letters of recommendation?
A: EAP requires one letter of recommendation. Detailed instructions are included in the application. It is preferred that Letters of Recommendation be submitted from faculty at their current institution, however, recommendations may be submitted by other relevant persons.  Examples of relevant Recommendations include: teaching assistants, academic advisors, faculty from an institution previously attended, teachers from high school (if recent enough), employers/supervisors who can speak of your relevant experience/credentials/academic potential, etc. Keep in mind that recommendations should address your qualifications.  Students applying for multiple sessions may use the same Letter or Recommendation for each session. It is not necessary to submit a Recommendation for each session, however, you may submit additional Recommendations if desired.

Q: I cannot submit my application, what should I do?
A: Not being able to submit your application could mean that you have not completed all the required fields of the application. If you can not find the answer you are looking for here in the FAQ’s, please contact an EAP administrator. Check the contact us page for contact information.

Q: What do I do after I finish all the application fields?
A: Once all of the application sections show “complete”, you must then certify and submit the application.

Q: My recommender is having trouble opening the letter of recommendation link that was sent to him/her, what should I do?
A: There could be a variety of reasons for this issue. Recommenders who are having trouble uploading a letter of recommendation can contact someone from our administrative staff to assist them check the contact us page for contact information.

Q: What should be included in a letter of recommendation?
A: A letter of recommendation should give an accurate and positive portrayal of the student applying. The letter of recommendation should state reasons as to why the student is or may likely be a successful candidate. Typically a letter of recommendation is a formal letter written by someone who has had/has a professional or educational relationship with the applicant. This letter can be as formal or informal as the recommender likes. The only requirement is that the letter is uploaded through our online application system.

Q: Who should write a letter of recommendation for me?
A: A letter of recommendation should be written by someone whom you feel has had a personal knowledge of your professional or educational qualifications. As a student this can be anyone whom you have a professional relationship with that is not you’re relative. We also suggest that you be mindful of who you choose to write a letter of recommendation for you. Be sure the person you choose is a person that will speak of you favorably. 

Q: How long does it take to fill out an application?
A: The electronic application can be completed in 30 minutes. Information uploaded or filled in to the application is saved for future completion.

Q: Can I mail in my transcript?
A: NASA EAP prefers not to have hard copies of transcripts or other official documents mailed. If you are having trouble with uploading official documents you may contact an EAP administrator for assistance.

Q: I am a naturalized citizen, can I still apply?
A: Yes, a naturalized citizen is eligible for EAP.

Q: I am a permanent resident, can I still apply?
A: Yes, EAP does accept applicants on permanent resident status.

Q: How does the application process work?
A: Students log on to the online system and fill out the online application form. Once the application is certified and submitted it is entered into the EAP Connect system. Through EAP Connect NASA scientist and engineers or mentor as we call them, can enter their specific research and development project to be sent to the NASA coordinator for approval. Once the project and number of students needed is approved the NASA mentor then goes through the system to search for the student that meets their project qualifications criteria. Generally, a list of select few capable candidates is generated by the mentor. This list is then sent to the NASA coordinator to be reviewed. Sometimes an over the phone interview has occurred once the list of top candidates has been generated by the mentor. After careful consideration and collaboration between the NASA coordinator and NASA mentor an “e-offer” letter is emailed to the EAP applicant. At this time the prospective NASA intern has the opportunity to read about the specific project and contact the center coordinator or mentor. The prospective NASA intern has exactly 7 days to decide if they are going to accept or decline the NASA opportunity.  

Q: I have a GPA lower than 3.0 is there any chance I can still be accepted?
A: No, we apologize but this is a required aspect of our application.

Q: What is an “e-offer” letter?
A: An e-offer letter is an email that is sent out to a NASA EAP applicant informing them that have been selected by a NASA center for a EAP internship opportunity. Once the e-offer is received the student has one week to accept. After one week the offer will expire.  

Q: How is the stipend paid?
A: EAP stipend checks are distributed throughout the duration of the internship. Stipend checks are distributed to interns by EAP Center Coordinators or by direct deposit.

Q: Can I upload more than one letter of recommendation?
A: Yes, you may send as many requests for letters of recommendation as you like. However, EAP only requires one letter.

Q: How do I upload my document(s)?
A(1): To upload transcripts you will need to upload a PDF version. EAP accepts unofficial transcripts or official transcripts. If you have received a hard copy of your transcript from your university registrar then you will first need to scan your transcript in as a PDF. Scanning documents automatically converts them into PDF. If you are still having trouble converting your transcript into a PDF for whatever reason please refer to the PDF section of the FAQ’s or search the internet to download PDF conversion software or contact us. Note: Please white-out or delete any personal identity information such as social security number, home address etc...
A(2): To upload resume’s your will fist need to convert your resume document into a PDF. If you are having trouble converting your document into a PDF please refer to the PDF section of the FAQ’s or search the internet to download PDF conversion software or contact us.
A(3): To send a letter of recommendation request simply input the reference information in the appropriate fields in the letter of recommendation section of the application. Once you have inputted the reference’s information you can now click “submit”. The letter of recommendation request will be sent to the recommender’s email that you provided. The status of this letter will be indicated below the request form. Once the letter is received the status should indicate “received”. Repeat process to send another request.

Q: How do I convert my document(s) to Portable Document Format (PDF)?
A: Converting documents to PDF depends on the type of operating system and software you are working with. PDF generator software is available to help you save your documents as PDF's. There are several programs available for both PCs and Macs, along with websites that will perform the conversion for you. An online search can enable you to find this type of software. 

Q: How much is the stipend paid for an internship?
A: The stipend amount is determined based on your academic level, duration of internship and hours worked per week.

Q: Does EAP pay travel expenses?
A: The EAP Sponsor can choose to offer travel reimbursement.  All travel by EAP participants must be approved prior to the travel.

Q: What if I am traveling from outside the U.S. will NASA reimburse me?
A: Reimbursement for international travel is determined on a case by case basis. Special procedures for international travel reimbursement must be followed and there is a limit to the amount that NASA will reimburse this type of travel. Contact a program administrator for more information if you receive an internship offer and will be traveling from outside of the U.S.

Q: What are EAP program policies?
A: EAP Program Policies are available here.

Q: Who can I contact about the internship program?
A: You may contact Porsche Parker, EAP Coordinator

Porsche Parker
NASA EAP Coordinator