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Education Associates Program Policies

EAP Participant Qualifications

As a competitive NASA Education program with high standards, participants must meet the following minimum qualifications for acceptance and continued participation in the program. Associates must show proof of continued qualification at any time at the request of EAP Coordinators:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 as illustrated by a submitted transcript
  • Student (or recent graduate) enrolled in a degree, credential, or certificate program or Faculty at a college or university
  • Completed application, including submission of a letter of recommendation
  • Social Security and other required information or documents, where applicable (such as work permits or visa documents), must be supplied before participation can commence.
  • Completion of NASA patent forms and non-disclosure agreements are required for program participation.

EAP Project Qualifications

  • Projects submitted through EAP Connect must support program goals and align with terms of USRA's Cooperative Agreement with NASA Education, with a focus on projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines.
  • Professional-based mission support projects may also be accepted, depending on the field and project plan.
  • All projects must be approved by EAP Coordinators
  • EAP projects must last a minimum of 2 months and can continue as long as 12 months, or more, provided continued participant qualifications are met. On-going participation is subject to review and should be aligned with participant professional and educational goals, such as with an applicable graduate studies program.
  • Participants must receive a stipend for their participation in the Education Associates Program.
  • EAP projects must be on-center at NASA Ames. Rare cases of short-term, remote participation must be pre-approved.

Sponsor and Mentor Requirements

  • Official Sponsors must be civil servants; Mentors may be civil servants or contractors
  • Mentors should be available to guide and support the student throughout the project
  • Unless the project has had official review and approval from NASA security for ITAR sensitivities and export control, the Mentor must be a U.S. Citizen
  • EAP participants may not be Sponsored or Mentored by relatives, supporting NASA and USRA policy.

Foreign National participation

  • Naturalized citizens are eligible for regular participation in EAP.
  • EAP accepts applicants with permanent resident status.
  • EAP has the ability and resources to support foreign national participation in the program. Significant, additional application paperwork, processing, and approvals from center management are required.
  • Project must free of ITAR sensitivities and is subject to NASA review. Additional security plans may be required.
  • Foreign National students must be able to obtain necessary visas and apply for a Tax ID number.